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At Incite Health we believe that every employee’s journey to optimal health is truly unique and that is why we are introducing our cutting-edge Pharmacogenomic Testing Services as part of our comprehensive employer health and wellness offerings. With personalized insights derived from genetic information, we are transforming wellness solutions to support employee well-being.

We provide Pharmacogenomic (PGx) services to fully insured and self-insured employers of all sizes; benefit insurance brokers; colleges and universities; home healthcare and long-term care facilities; as well as municipalities, unions, and government entities.

Why Incorporate Incite Health’s Pharmacogenomic Testing Services into your Employee Programs?

This testing platform empowers employers to tailor wellness strategies and interventions based on your employees’ individual genetic profiles. Our Pharmacogenomic Testing Services offer a range of benefits that can truly transform your employer health and wellness initiatives:


Personalized Health Plans Through Simple Testing

Harness the potential of genetics to develop customized health plans that target your employees’ specific needs. With insights into how their bodies respond to medications and lifestyle factors, you can guide them towards more effective treatments and wellness strategies.


Prevent Adverse Reactions

Minimize the risk of adverse reactions to medications by identifying genetic variations that might impact drug metabolism. Ensure that your employees’ health journeys are safe and effective, reducing the potential for treatment interruptions or complications.


Tailored Lifestyle Recommendations

Help your employees make informed decisions about their diet, exercise, and stress management. Our testing services provide insights into how genetics influence responses to nutrients and stressors, enabling them to make choices that align with their unique profiles.


Improved Medication Management

Support medication management for your employees by identifying drugs that are likely to work well based on their genetic makeup. Enhance adherence, reduce trial-and-error, and promote better health outcomes.


Proactive Health Promotion

Identify employees who may have a higher genetic risk for certain conditions, allowing for early intervention and targeted preventive measures. Empower your team to take charge of their health with informed decisions. and demonstrate a commitment to their long-term health and success.


Data-Driven Insights

Our advanced reporting and analytics provide valuable aggregated insights into your employee population’s health trends. This data can help you fine-tune your employer health and wellness strategies for maximum impact.

Why Choose Incite Health?

Our Pharmacogenomic Testing Services seamlessly integrate with our existing suite of clinical tests, providing a proactive and holistic approach to employee well-being. We believe that knowledge is power. By empowering your employees with genetic insights, you’re giving them the tools they need to make informed decisions about their health.

The test reports are easy to read and understand, providing clear guidance towards optimal health and safety when it comes to medications. This information will serve your employees throughout their careers and beyond.

Incite Health works with regulatory agencies to ensure that all reported information is up to date with the latest clinical research, and we adhere to strict privacy and security standards to protect your employees’ genetic information. Their privacy is our priority.

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Transform your employee wellness program with the personalized touch of Pharmacogenomic Testing Services from Incite Health. Contact us today to learn how our services can elevate your employee well-being initiatives to a whole new level.

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