Elevate Patient Care with Precision Pharmacogenomics Testing

At Incite Health, we recognize that every patient is unique, and their responses to medications can vary significantly. In fact, drug selection for your patients can be highly complex and the efficacy of any given drug is based on several factors, from your patient’s genetics, nutrition, and lifestyle choices to their underlying conditions.

Incorporating pharmacogenomics testing into your care program provides personalized genetic insights, enabling you to optimize treatment decisions, enhance patient safety, and elevate your practice to new heights.

Therapeutic Roadmap

Therapeutic Roadmap

Therapeutic Roadmap

Therapeutic Roadmap

What is Pharmacogenomic Testing?

Pharmacogenomic testing, also known as pharmacogenetics or PGx testing, is a specialized type of genetic testing that examines how an individual’s genetic makeup influences their response to medications. It involves analyzing specific genes that play a role in drug metabolism, transport, and the body’s biological pathways related to drug effects. The goal of pharmacogenomic testing is to tailor medical treatment to an individual’s unique genetic profile, leading to safer and more effective medication regimens.

Why Choose Incite Health?

Pharmacogenomics will empower you as a healthcare provider in many areas of your patient interactions.


Personalized Treatment Strategies

Enhanced drug effectiveness by knowing their unique genetic responses to medications.


Minimize Adverse Drug Reactions

Make more informed prescribing decisions to ensure patient safety and minimize risks.


Evidence-Based Medication Selection

Provide your patients with a higher likelihood of success, within a shorter timeline.


Prevent Polypharmacy Challenges

Pharmacogenomics helps you navigate complex medication regimens more effectively.


Empower Patient Conversations

Genetic insights to support more informed discussions of treatment options with your patients.

Drivers for Introducing PGx Testing into Patient Care

As a physician, you hold the key to your patients' well-being. Our pharmacogenomic testing services offer a wealth of benefits that can revolutionize your approach to caring for every patient.

So, when should pharmacogenetic testing be adopted?


You are considering prescribing a new class of medications for your patient


Your patient has a history of unresponsiveness or poor response to medications, or has experienced an adverse drug effect to new medication


You are considering prescribing an FDA-designated ‘controlled substance’


You are considering prescribing a pre-drug form of an inhibitor or inducer- many of these have PGx recommendations or requirements listed on their drug labels


You are implementing PGx as a component of medical decision for both drug selection and dosing


You are incorporating PGx into your patient’s upcoming annual medical exam- and want to gain valuable clinical insights that are applicable to them for the rest of their lives


Click links below to see examples of PGx Report layouts and informational guides to elevate your patient’s care to the next level.

John Doe Short Report

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Long Report

John Doe Long Report

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How Incite Health® is Enhancing Access to PGx Testing

Offering a wide range of PGx panels

PGx Prescription Drug Selection Panels

Combined, these panels provide a comprehensive profile of the genotype variants and copy number that are most likely to affect drug metabolism and efficacy, as well as identify increased risk of severe toxicity.

The VeriDose reports are easy to read and interpret, with clear CPIC-driven guidance for the prescription of a wide range of drugs.

Click links below to see examples of PGx Report layouts and informational guides to elevate your patient’s care to the next level.

Liquid Biopsy UltraSEEK Panels

Provides cost effective and rapid solutions for tracking cancer progression and the assessment of acquired drug resistance, all from a simple blood sample. The multiplexed UltraSEEK chemistry enables the detection of more than 100 variants, insertions, and deletions within tumor-derived cfDNA.

Tumor Profiling iPLEX panels

Enables rapid profiling of clinically relevant variants across key tumor-driving genes including BRAF, EGFR, ERBB2, KRAS, PIK3CA, NRAS., KIT. The reliable detection of very low abundance somatic mutations in tumor samples is achieved using the iPLEX HS chemistry, and the panels can all be customized for your patient’s specific tumor profiles.

These assays provide the high sensitivity required for clinical profiling, with minimal tissue requirements, and are therefore compatible with a range of sample collection procedures.

Why Choose Incite Health for your PGx Needs?

All of the PGx tests offered by Incite Health are supported with comprehensive reporting that includes clear interpretation and guidance towards safer and more effective prescribing decisions for your patients. When genetic variants with significance on drug efficacy, safety and tolerance are detected, the report clearly identifies appropriate precautions and next steps.

Whether adjusting dosages, or prioritizing specific medications, you can confidently make clinically directed decisions based on the most up to date predicted responses.

Incite Health can also provide completely customizable panels and reports to ensure every patient has access to the most relevant and current PGx targets for their specific needs.

Transform your medical practice with the precision of pharmacogenomic testing services from Incite Health. Contact us today to explore how our services can enhance your treatment strategies and patient outcomes.


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