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At Incite Health, we have a true passion to ‘incite’ real change in the healthcare industry by providing insightful scientific solutions to support optimal clinical decision making.

With over 50+ combined years of proven scientific and clinical expertise, we partner with medical professionals to provide assays that deliver precise and actionable diagnostic solutions.

Incite Health is at the forefront of healthcare innovation by empowering our partners in fields including:

Utilizing state-of-the-art methodologies, we contribute to early detection, disease monitoring, and personalized treatment strategies, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Why Choose Incite Health


Our high complexity testing laboratories are CLIA-certified, and CAP-accredited to ensure the highest quality of clinical laboratory services.


We couple this testing with customizable and personalized reports that provide meaningful and actionable clinical insights.


We provide world-class concierge customer service, over a decade of proven scientific success, and rapid turn-around-times to meet your needs.


Our experienced scientific team includes geneticists, immunologists, infectious disease experts, bioinformaticians, and business professionals all with a shared passion to deliver healthcare innovation.

We Are Led By
Industry Pioneers

Julie A. Bick, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

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John M. Healey, MBA

President & Chief Operating Officer

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Located at the Pennsylvania
Biotechnology Center of Bucks County

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