Optimize Your Clinical Trials with Pharmacogenomic Services

Incite Health’s Value Based Approach


Streamline Clinical Trial Recruitment and Patient Stratification


Reduce Overall Clinical Trial Costs and Improve Patient Safety


Expedite Clinical Assessment and Drug Labeling

At Incite Health, we understand that precision and efficiency are essential in the pharmaceutical industry, especially during clinical trials. That is why we are expanding our clinical trial support services to include pharmacogenomic testing designed to enhance and accelerate your clinical trial processes.

With personalized genetic insights, you will be able to stratify your patients and improve patient enrollment in order to optimize drug development, improve patient outcomes, and streamline your trials like never before.

Why Choose Incite Health for Pharmacogenomic Clinical Trial Support?

As a pharmaceutical company, you are dedicated to advancing healthcare through innovation. Our pharmacogenomic services offer a range of benefits that can revolutionize your clinical trial strategies.


Targeted Patient Recruitment

Identify patients with specific genetic profiles that complement your drug's mechanism of action. This improves patient recruitment efficiency and ensures a more targeted trial population.


Precision Drug Development

Leverage genetic information to refine your drug development process. Tailor dosages, formulations, and treatment plans based on genetic responses, leading to more effective and safer therapies.


Enhanced Efficacy and Safety

Help prevent adverse reactions and identify non-responders early in the clinical trial process. Adjust protocols and treatment strategies to ensure patient safety and improve the overall success of your trials.


Stratified Treatment Approaches

Develop stratified treatment approaches based on genetic biomarkers. This enables you to identify subgroups of patients who are more likely to respond positively to your drug, enhancing treatment efficacy.


Accelerated Trial Timelines

By identifying patients who are likely to respond well to your drug, you can achieve faster recruitment, shorter trial durations, and quicker time-to-market.


Real-World Data Generation

Gather valuable real-world data on how genetics influence drug responses. This data can provide insights for post-approval monitoring and guide future drug development strategies.

Why Partner with Incite Heath?

Many of the Incite Health team members have previously worked in clinical research and understand the challenges involved in the clinical trial process. We work closely with our sponsors to develop customized pharmacogenomic strategies that align with their drug development goals.

Through our services, your clinical trial team will receive detailed genetic insights and analytics that inform your trial decisions and strategies. All of our services, including pharmacogenomic testing, are designed to seamlessly integrate into your clinical trial workflows, providing a streamlined and efficient process.

The Incite Health team also understands that data security in clinical trials is of paramount importance to ensure the privacy, integrity, and confidentiality of sensitive patient- and trial-related information.

As clinical trials involve the collection, storage, and analysis of extensive data, maintaining robust data security measures is essential to protect the rights and well-being of participants and the integrity of the trial itself, and all data and reporting structures can be customized for your trial protocol.

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Incite Health’s Comprehensive PGx Testing

Offering a wide range of PGx panels

PGx Prescription Drug Selection Panels

Combined, these panels provide a comprehensive profile of the genotype variants and copy number that are most likely to affect drug metabolism and efficacy, as well as identify increased risk of severe toxicity.

The VeriDose reports are easy to read and interpret, with clear CPIC-driven guidance for the prescription of a wide range of drugs.

Click links below to see examples of PGx Report layouts and informational guides to elevate your patient’s care to the next level.

Liquid Biopsy UltraSEEK Panels

Provides cost effective and rapid solutions for tracking cancer progression and the assessment of acquired drug resistance, all from a simple blood sample. The multiplexed UltraSEEK chemistry enables the detection of more than 100 variants, insertions, and deletions within tumor-derived cfDNA.

Tumor Profiling iPLEX panels

Enables rapid profiling of clinically relevant variants across key tumor-driving genes including BRAF, EGFR, ERBB2, KRAS, PIK3CA, NRAS., KIT. The reliable detection of very low abundance somatic mutations in tumor samples is achieved using the iPLEX HS chemistry, and the panels can all be customized for your patient’s specific tumor profiles.

These assays provide the high sensitivity required for clinical profiling, with minimal tissue requirements, and are therefore compatible with a range of sample collection procedures.

Why Choose Incite Health for Your PGx Needs?

Whether our off-the shelf core panels, or customized panels for your clinical trial studies, all of the PGx tests offered by Incite Health are supported with comprehensive reporting that includes clear interpretation and guidance towards understanding the drug metabolism profile of that individual. When genetic variants with significance on drug efficacy, safety and tolerance are detected, the report clearly identifies appropriate precautions and next steps.

Whether dose adjustments or the prioritization of specific medications based, you can confidently make clinically directed decisions based on the most up to date predicted responses.

Elevate your clinical trials with the precision of pharmacogenomic services from Incite Health. Contact us today to explore how our services can optimize your drug development strategies, improve patient outcomes, and accelerate your path to success.

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